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What to Do if You’re an Equifax Victim

If you are a victim of the huge Equifax hack there are some things you can do, but it’s not going to be an easy way forward. If a credit card is stolen, you report it to the credit card company who then takes care of the problems, you’re issued a new card, and most...

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How to Apply for Governmental Disaster Assistance

Two weeks ago Hurricane Harvey destroyed portions of Texas and the Gulf coast. Now Hurricane Irma is battering most of Florida and is expected to head into the Gulf of Mexico and up Florida’s west coast. We all know this means flooding and wind damage may reach into...

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Sorting Out a Multi-Vehicle Accident

A two-car accident is usually very straight forward; police determine which car was at fault and insurance companies sort out who is going to pay. In an accident involving more than two vehicles, there are many factors that will come into play in determining who is in...

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