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Staying Cyber-Safe While Holiday Shopping

With Black Friday coming up this week, it is a good time to review some ways to protect your identity while shopping the sales. Cyber-attackers hit banks and big corporations, but they also target individuals. Hackers have lots of tools to use against us, so we...

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Insurance Claims and Your Rights

Insurance companies can be big and bad when it comes to paying out claims. You pay your premiums for years, and the one time you really need to use your insurance, it can be a pain to get that roof replaced, or the flood damage in the foyer repaired. Over the past ten...

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Debt Collection and the Law

It doesn’t matter who you are, at some point in your life you are going to experience a disagreement with a debt collector. It could be that you are not guilty of what they are accusing, or it could be some other type of disagreement. The next thing you know, you are...

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