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Should You Handle Your Own Legal Case?

If you’ve been injured by another person, or a physician or hospital or if your property has received damage – should you handle the case yourself? Probably not; even a case that looks simple is most likely going to be complicated. One big mistake that people make...

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Workers’ Comp: Should You Sign the Insurance Release?

Here is a tip about what happens when you sign a release with an insurance company. If you get a document from an insurance company, or a release, and it says the word release on it – unless you are legally incompetent or a minor – you’re going to be bound by the...

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Filing a Lawsuit? There is a Time Limit

It is called the Statute of Limitations, and it applies in most cases, with the exception being murder, where there is no such statute. The case with Bill Cosby is a good example. Only one of his alleged victims could file suit because the statute had run on all of...

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What You Should Do if You Are Injured

When you suffer an injury, such as falling and hurting an ankle, it is easy to forget that you may need to keep notes and take pictures. In the heat of the moment, your biggest concern is getting help, but in the event you need to file for injury benefits, there are...

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Child Support: Which State Governs?

Child support cases can be extremely sensitive especially when the parties involved are not amicable when considering the children. Divorce is tough and can be harder on children. But what happens when mom and dad live in separate states? Which state’s child support...

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Be Careful When Signing an Insurance Release

You have been through an accident, or you have had storm damage to your home – in either of these situations, you are going to involve your insurance company. However, this does not mean that you have to follow the advice of the insurance company, nor should you sign...

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A Car Wreck When Driving Someone Else’s Car

Suppose a friend asks to borrow your car for a quick trip to the market? Her car is in the shop, and she forgot to pick up cereal and milk for the children’s breakfast. No problem, you say, and you hand over the keys. She’s been gone only a short while when your phone...

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Patented System Would Allow Facebook to Spy on You

A market intelligence firm in New York has discovered that Facebook has filed for a patent that would allow the social media giant to spy on you through your webcam or mobile phone. Here is how it apparently works as described by CB Insights, the firm that discovered...

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Dram Shop Laws and Your Summer Party

Summer time means parties and fun at the lake or beach or the backyard pool. It is also time for parties at which alcohol may be served. Believe it or not, there are rules for serving guests liquor in your home just as there are for bartenders at clubs and...

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