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You can call with your legal question during any of the local LawCall weekly television shows. These shows are usually thirty-minute, live programs, permanently hosted by a news anchor and a local law firm. Guest attorneys and…

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Bankruptcy and the Law

Many people fear the stigma of filing for bankruptcy to escape debt. But what if you have no other options? The two consumer types of bankruptcy are Chapter 13 and Chapter 7. Both types will stay on your record for several years, but if it is necessary, there are some...

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What Are Your Legal Rights With the Police?

Have you ever been pulled over by a police officer and had no idea why? That happens to many people; and even if you know you were speeding or ran the stop sign, it’s no fun to see those blue lights in the rearview mirror. Knowing your rights when dealing with police...

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Should You Plead “No Contest”?

If you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of facing the judge, your attorney will advise you on how to plea. But what if you want to plead “no contest”; is that a good idea? And what are the implications if you do? Here is exactly what the plea means, and how...

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