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You can call with your legal question during any of the local LawCall weekly television shows. These shows are usually thirty-minute, live programs, permanently hosted by a news anchor and a local law firm. Guest attorneys and…

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Lawyer Sues Judge Over Black Lives Matter Button

An Ohio woman has filed a federal lawsuit claiming that her 14th Amendment rights were violated when she was asked to remove a political button while in court. Andrea Burton, a Youngstown attorney, is suing Youngstown Municipal Court Judge, Robert Milich over the...

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Skin Care, Makeup and Poison

Amazingly, the FDA’s Cosmetic Act has not been reviewed or updated since 1938! Wow! That’s a really long time considering that many of the products we use are filled with chemicals. Now, two senators have cosponsored a bill that would require that the Cosmetic Act be...

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Facebook and the Sheriff

A Tennessee sheriff made an Easter post on the county sheriff’s Facebook page and the American Atheists are having none of it. The American Atheists Organization and a private citizen filed suit against Bradley County Tennessee Sheriff, Eric Watson. The suit claims...

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